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<h1 class=”vc_custom_heading” style=”margin-bottom: 2rem; font-size: 2.6rem; line-height: 1.2; text-align: left; font-family: Prata; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal;”>Explore Our Luxury Interior Design Portfolio</h1>
As internationally-acclaimed interior designers, we at Marc-Michaels create some of the world’s most renowned home spaces with one goal in mind: unparalleled sensory-enveloping luxury. Explore our luxury interior design portfolio above to discover the exact nuances of our style.

From impeccable interior detailing, one-of-a-kind, sumptuous furnishings, and innovative craftsmanship— our luxury interior design portfolio shows we don’t just design a space. We design a luxurious experience for the senses.