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10 Luxury Living Rooms and What You Can Learn from Them

10 Luxury Living Rooms and What You Can Learn from Them

Your living room often serves as the central gathering place for family and friends, meant for relaxing, hosting parties, or simply catching up on your latest TV show. Whatever the case may be, your luxury living room needs to be a comfortable and inviting space. But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. Whether your design preferences lean more toward the lavishly ornate or toward more minimalistic beauty, there are some fabulous ways to make your luxury living room both practical and beautiful. For a little inspiration, take a look at some of our gorgeous luxury living room designs to learn how you can transform your living room into a luxurious gathering space.

1. Marc Thee’s 6 Ocean

Luxurious living room with modern design.

Optimizing your design space is an effective way to make your luxury living room floor-to-ceiling beautiful.

Our 6 Ocean Design is an excellent example of using all of the available space to showcase design features. From floor to ceiling, this luxury living room shows off spectacularly striking modern interior design. The relaxing blue hues complement wood-paneled finish on the ceiling to give the space a relaxing, laid-back feel. Rather than simply hanging a lovely picture on the front alcove, we chose to wrap it in similarly-colored wall accents that give a modern-rustic appeal. Perhaps one of the most impressive features of this luxury living room is the use of eye-catching modern hanging artwork that adorns the space above the living room. The interconnecting circles of the hanging sculpture become the center of focus and portray how simple it is to optimize your design space and decorate beyond the four walls of your luxury living room.

2. Modern Gulf Coast Estate

Luxury hotel room with modern furniture and many glass windows.

This luxury living room displays the spectacular ocean view through its layout and design.

When decorating your luxury living room, it’s a great idea to play to the strengths of the space. In our Modern Gulf Coast Estate project, we utilized the room’s natural strengths by allowing the interior design to showcase the breathtaking panoramic ocean view. I no way would you ever want to block any of this incredible sight, which is why the furniture is placed in the perfect locations within the luxury living room to soak it all in. The sand-colored sofa and accent chairs are adorned with ocean-deep blue pillows and matching ottomans to create a seamless transition in colors from the inside to the ocean air.

3. Palm Beach Traditional

Luxurious living room with white furniture, a brass chandelier, and an ocean view.

A brass chandelier and soft white lighting give this relaxing blue and white luxury living room a traditionally-luxurious sense of calm.

It’s never a bad idea to go with classics like the blue and white design. The combination is sophisticated and breezy and is popular in Grecian culture, as well as on Chinese pottery, like the look-alikes in the corner of our Palm Beach Traditional luxury living room project. Blue and white décor create a sense of calm and when combined with other traditional design elements like satin-finished curtains and an ornate antique-looking chandelier, this luxury living room becomes a gorgeous relaxing haven, not to mention the beautiful ocean views and majestic roman columns. You can’t go wrong with the classics.

4. Mid-Century Modern Waterfront

Marc-Michaels modern design living room featuring a fireplace.

Less is more in our Mid-Century Waterfront luxury living room. With open air space and minimal accents, this living room is both luxuriously inviting and relaxing.

More isn’t always more when it comes to interior design. A simple, minimalistic luxury living room eliminates exterior “noise” and allows you to focus on the peace and calm created by the space. Our Mid-Century Modern Waterfront’s luxury living room showcases the floor-to-ceiling water view and complements the room’s serene atmosphere by using minimal accents and lighting. The beautiful gas fireplace becomes the secondary point of focus and invites you to relax in the plush luxury living room furniture and enjoy the stillness.

5. Organic Boca Raton Residence

Traditionally designed living room with a fireplace.

The natural warmth of wood paneling complements the neutral furnishings of our Organic Boca Raton Residence luxury living room.

Create warmth in your luxury living room by utilizing a pale color palette, including wood paneling and accents. Our Organic Boca Raton Residence project features warm hues and directional wood panel tiles accenting neutral furnishings and accents. The light shining through the sheer floor-to-ceiling curtains adds a soft glow to make the warm luxury living room even more inviting.

6. European Inspired Estate

European-inspired contemporary design living room with a fireplace.

Using different textures in your luxury living room design helps create dynamic dimension, as seen in our European Inspired Estate design project.

If you are going with a monochromatic color scheme in your luxury living room’s design, consider accenting the space with varying-textured walls and an eye-catching chandelier. Our European-Inspired Estate features a sleek, lightly-colored floor-to-ceiling marble fireplace and hearth and oppositional deep-colored shelving on either side. The gorgeous over-sized chandelier hangs beautifully as the room’s focal point and highlights the textured inset ceiling to create a relaxing space.

Turn your luxury design dreams into a reality

7. Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club

Transitional Design living room with a fireplace and chandelier.

Transitional design combines classic and modern elements to create this beautiful luxury living room in our Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club project.

Don’t be afraid of traditional design for your luxury living room for a classic, yet modern feel. Mix and match textures, add a bold carpet, include plenty of plush seating options with pillow accents, add accent colors, and a statement piece. Our Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club luxury living room features a textured fireplace wall, classic chandelier, and classically modern plush furniture to create a welcoming transitional space.

8. Elegant Lakefront Palm Beach

Contemporary designed living room with a large chandelier, a fireplace, and a lakefront view.

Select sculptures to complement your décor and bring dimension to your luxury living room.

Adding sculptures to your luxury living room increases the room’s opulence instantly. Consider either accenting the already rounded lines in the room or contrasting rounded silhouettes with straight lines in your chosen sculpture pieces. Our Elegant Lakefront Palm Beach project features a striking circular modern sculpture that complements the gorgeous circular chandelier, rounded corners on the mirrored fireplace wall, and rounded lines of the accent table, increasing the luxuriousness of the impeccable space.

9. Tropical Georgian Style

Tropical Georgian-stle disned gulf stream living room with a chandelier.

Our transitional Tropical Georgian Style luxury living room boasts a neutral color scheme, a bold accent color, and a space-defining faux-wall.

Define spaces by building false walls in larger luxury living rooms. Our Tropical Georgian Style luxury living room features transitional design elements and a stone faux-wall to separate the living/dining room with the game room/bar area. The wall creates two spaces out of one, yet serves as a fireplace to both rooms.

10. Rustic Modern Lodge

Rustic designed living room with a fireplace and chandelier.

Relax in the comfort of an outdoorsy rustic luxury living room by adding wood accents, and nature-themed décor as seen in our Rustic Modern Lodge project.

If the rustic-look is more your speed, adorn your luxury living room with lots of soft, cozy layers, warm textures, and woodsy-accents. Our Rustic Modern Lodge features furry animal-hide inspired accent chairs, brightly colored cushions, and antler-like table accents to give you that outdoorsy-feel. Whether your home rests in the mountains or not, you can always feel one with nature with this luxury living room design.


No matter your interior design preference, there are limitless opportunities when creating your ultimate luxury living room. Whether you are starting from scratch or want a living room upgrade, you can’t go wrong with any of these design ideas for inspiration. From minimalistic simplicity to luxurious opulence, opportunities for a beautiful living room all your own are endless.