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Designing with Texture

Designing with Texture

Co-Founder and Principal Designer Marc Thee explains below how to use texture when designing a home.

What are some easy ways to use texture to create a peaceful space?

A textural wallcovering adds such fullness and mood to a space. You can really create a peaceful environment when designing with texture. Wallcoverings don’t need to be on every single wall. You can do one feature wall and it will make the room feel so much cozier.

What are some things to consider when incorporating texture into your living space?

Never lose sight of choosing your moment when it comes to designing with texture. If you pick your moment there will be a calming effect. You don’t want your textures to look chaotic. Use varying shades of color fabric textures too if they don’t combat one another. Do not lose sight of your initial design goal by allowing yourself to start layering with things. Avoid unnecessary clutter.

What are some of your favorite methods of incorporating texture?

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Texture needs to be incorporated everywhere in every environment. Each room needs a textural moment. This is the case whether it is a Kyle Bunting rug in the living room or a textural tile pattern in the bathroom. I would not do my main living space in a textural tile on the floor. It’s too much, so use rugs and throw blankets here. You must know when to pick your textural moment depending on the scale of the space.

Are there any design rules in terms of creating texture when there are other patterns present in a space?

When designing with texture, I do stress making your home a retreat from chaos and confusion. Therefore, I’m not a big fan of introducing too many contrasting patterns. I do, however, love unexpected moments. I think a large piece of wall art or a sculpture can be your pattern moment. This is much better than a bunch of various pillows stacking patterns on a sofa.


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