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Luxury Bathroom Design

Welcome to the Marc-Michael’s blog! In this feature, we have interviewed some of the incredibly talented, award-winning design staff who have helped us grow into the #1 luxury interior design firm in the United States. Mark Tremblay, President, Kathryn Dunagan, Vice President, and Shannon Callahan, Director of Design share their must-haves and insights on luxury bathroom design.

Luxury Bathroom Design

Marc-Michael’s luxury bathroom design in Windermere, Florida was designed to feel like a grand destination. As seen in this month’s publication of Florida Design. (March 2022)

Resort-Inspired Luxury Bathrooms

Designed for Relaxation

More and more each day, luxury design is transforming the residential bathroom – once one of the more overlooked rooms in the home – into an oasis of tranquility designed to inspire well-being. With the emergence from the pandemic, people are taking with them the desire to bring luxury destination aesthetics into the home.

“There are so many exciting ways to call out a bathroom for resort-inspired living,” says Mark Tremblay, President. “In a resort environment, every detail should be geared to relaxation.”

For example, a luxury bathroom designed by Marc-Michaels in this Palm Beach, Florida seaside estate invites relaxation through custom tiled detail and elevated ocean views.

In the bathroom designed for the gentleman of the house, a custom tiled floor and Teal Vibe by Mark Pulliam catch the eye.


In-Home Spa Day

For those in pursuit of an in-home spa motif, Kathryn Dunagan, Vice President, deems saunas and steam spaces as luxury bathroom must-haves.

“They aren’t necessary, but they do allow our clients to enjoy custom spa features without having to leave their home,” Kathryn says. “It is about the promotion of self-care, self-love, and well-being. That is luxury.”

Spa-worthy luxuries, right at home. Palm Beach, Florida.

Organization Through Custom Design

A well-designed storage system is the luxury bathroom must-have for Shannon Callahan, Director of Design.

“Luxury means well-thought-out comfort and designing a place for anything and everything within reach,” Shannon said.
In custom design, this can include everything from custom-sized drawers based on their contents to strategically placed lighting that achieves the perfect vanity. Small towel bars are installed in alignment with vanity surfaces, and small tables for soaps and towels are aligned with the bathtub.

“Every detail is considered in luxury bathroom design.” Shannon said.

Luxury Bath in Palm Beach, FL

Custom drawers alongside in-home spa amenities make for a well-rounded luxury bath. Palm Beach, Florida.

Tile, Natural Stone, and Large-Format Slabs

Tile and Natural Stone
The quest to find grounding and serenity in a luxury bathroom often begins with the floor.

Printed tiles and natural stones are design details with limitless possibility. Marc-Michaels Creative Luxury Bathroom Tile Ideas is a great design resource when learning and navigating these materials.

Large-Format Slabs
Favorite floor and/or shower tile of the moment? Kathryn and Shannon both answered with large-format slabs. The movement and monolithic expression of the natural stone consistently delivers stunning, one-of-a-kind results for Marc-Michael’s clients.

Turn your luxury design dreams into a reality

“What is more luxurious than this huge, amazing slab that has beautiful and organic veining? This is next level elegance.” Kathryn said.

Freestanding Bathtubs – Inspiration by Location

Sleek and aesthetically pleasing, the freestanding bathtub continues to evolve over time.
Kathryn is inspired by freestanding bathtubs in high-contrast colors like black ceramic and copper that complement geographic locations.

“We are seeing these unique feature freestanding bathtubs with designs that beautifully reflect our client’s scenery. It is an opportunity to explore outside of the classic white bathtub, when it works,” Kathryn said.

When it comes to Shannon’s favorite type of freestanding bathtub, comfort and function reign supreme. “It has to be comfortable and something that you can actually sit in to enjoy,” Shannon said.

Luxury Bathroom design in Colorado

Castle Pines, CO – The main bathroom—anchored by a pair of bronze-and-glass shower enclosures—is one of the only spaces the design team overhauled completely. A Santorini copper tub by Native Trails and Waterworks tub filler stand atop Bianco Carrara herringbone tile, while a Fenwater pendant from Hudson Valley Lighting shimmers above.

What makes a bathroom “luxurious” to you?

For our final question, Kathryn was asked what makes a bathroom luxurious to her.

“A bathroom is luxurious to me when it has all the amenities: shower, bathtub, spa features, vanity and makeup area. It is a bathroom that is big and open. Maybe even some seating…where I can imagine spending all day in there…”

Whether your style is a sauna or bathtub, large-format slabs or decorative tile, Marc-Michael’s idea of luxury remains the same. A luxurious bathroom is one that appeases your senses and is a room that you never want to leave.