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Beyond the Walls

Modern Lodge Design Style

The modern lodge interior design style exists at the intersection of contemporary and rustic. Modern lodge, just as it sounds, is the best interior design style to achieve a chic modern mountain look. While the rustic lodge look certainly has more traditional roots, blending this style with a clean-lined, modern-minimal vibe creates a captivating interior aesthetic with a uniquely luxurious feel.

3 Tips to Create the Perfect Modern Lodge Look

Utilize Textural Materials

Mix and match textures and materials that you could find in nature to create your perfect modern lodge interior design. For example, river rock, iron trusses, furs, and grasses create an interesting balance, when paired with sleek woods. Consider pairing an ultra-modern chandelier with a rough-cut, live-edge dining table to achieve an aesthetic that hints at the rustic beauty of nature, but with all the sleek functionality of contemporary minimalism.

Play with Natural Lightmodern lodge style example with natural light

Since this style is all about combining rustic elements with modern sensibility, natural light is very important. A modern home is typically open and light with large windows. Same goes for rustic spaces. Achieve the perfect modern lodge look by creating a look that feels as one with nature as possible. Ensure you have unobstructed sightlines to the outdoors to let in plenty of natural light.


Turn your luxury design dreams into a reality

Modern Lodge Style In Every Detail

modern lodge style accents and decor examples

Achieve the charm and warmth through an overall sense of modern lodge with the perfect accents.  Consider pieces that evoke the feeling of a rustic dwelling but with all the functional and minimalist conveniences of a modern home. Furniture pieces are key, for example. If you’re having trouble distinguishing rustic from modern, focus on a more modern style for the best look. The more unadorned and simple lines the better. Even mixing in a few mid-century pieces can create the big wow factor you’re missing.