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Enter the Next Level of Luxury with the Best Smart Home Lighting Options on the Market

Enter the Next Level of Luxury with the Best Smart Home Lighting Options on the Market

Luxury technology has changed the way we look at luxury and altered what wealthier homeowners have come to expect in their homes, including luxury smart home lighting. We’re not talking about your typical Alexa or Google smart home devices. We’re talking high-intelligent lighting control designed to enhance the in-home experience.

Luxury smart home lighting not only augments the beauty of luxury homes, but it is also extremely useful. Luxury home lighting:

  • Transforms the way your home looks and feels at the touch of a button
  • Creates ambiance for any occasion with its color-changing abilities
  • Results in less energy consumption in homes with large living areas
brown billiards table luxury game room with smart home lighting

Luxury smart home lighting can adjust to set a “scene” through the push of a button. Our “No Electric Bill Home” features a billiards room where luxury smart home lighting could help create a fun, and laid-back atmosphere.

Smart home technology is the way of the future in luxury homes, so an investment in luxury smart home lighting is definitely worth your while. Take a look at some of the best smart home lighting brands and products on the market, and perhaps get some ideas on ways you can enhance your home’s beauty.


For over 50 years, Lutron has delivered innovative lighting solutions, including the original dimmer switch. This global company focuses on delivering high-quality products to customers around the world and is always working to come up with the best, most-advanced energy-saving lighting options.

Lutron’s whole-home luxury smart home lighting solutions support anywhere from 75 to 10,000 home devices and work with more smart home devices than any other brand.

Caséta by Lutron

If you are just looking to dip your toe into the smart home lighting world first, Caséta is a great place to start because you can start in one room and easily expand to others, perhaps even your whole home. Caséta boasts some incredible smart home lighting features, including:

  • Adaptability: Caséta smart dimmers allow you to control multiple bulbs, even if they aren’t smart bulbs.
  • Functionality: Rather than slowing down your wi-fi, Caséta uses a “Smart Bridge” hub to allow you to control your lighting.
  • Connectability: Caséta works with more smart home technology products than any other brand out there, including Alexa, Google Assistant, Serena Blinds, Sonos Sound Systems, Carrier Thermostats, and many more.
  • Schedulability: Whether you want to set your lights to turn on and off at a certain time of the day, with changes in the seasons, or have your lights change with the sunset, you can schedule your smart home lighting however you’d like.
  • Changeability: Caséta allows you to change your luxury home lighting schedule whenever you’d like, including the use of “Smart Away,” which gives the illusion that someone is home by randomly turning lights on and off while you are away.

HomeWorks by Lutron

Homeworks is the cream of the crop when it comes to Lutron’s luxury home lighting solutions. Not only does this system allow you to control over 10,000 devices, but it also features hidden panels to enhances aesthetics and eliminate dimmers and wall switches. As one of the most advanced luxury whole-home systems, HomeWorks delivers beautiful luxury smart home lighting options as well as allowing you to connect seamlessly to any smart device in your home, all from one location.

Some additional benefits HomeWorks delivers, include:

  • Customizable Aesthetics: Along with the option for hidden panels, HomeWorks also allows you to complement your interior design through a variety of finishes and styles.
  • Dynamic Lighting: The systems “Ketra” setting features an incredible array of personalized light settings that can match your mood, activity, or even change with the sunlight.
  • Voice Activation: HomeWorks helps you create the perfect lighting ambiance through your luxury home lighting and smart shades simply by your voice commands.
  • Smart Sensors: This luxury smart home lighting system includes a setting that can detect when you are home and when you aren’t, and adjust your lighting accordingly.
luxury modern dining room with smart bulb chandelier

Create the ultimate dinner party ambiance through luxury smart home lighting, which can operate existing bulbs, like the striking chandelier in our “Mid Century Modern Waterfront” dining room.


Crestron offers scalable, customized luxury home lighting solutions to customers around the world. Their commitment to constantly advancing their cutting-edge smart home technology guarantees you are investing in high-quality luxury home lighting you can count on. Crestron’s customizable luxury home lighting options include both wired and wireless systems that can control almost any smart device in your home.

Turn your luxury design dreams into a reality

Unlike Lutron, Crestron’s luxury home lighting solutions are customized and don’t come in pre-named packages. Some of the luxurious benefits offered through their innovative technologies include:

  • Coordinate Your Lighting with Other Systems: You can easily customize “scenes” in your home and activate them with the push of a button to change the lighting, shades, music, and temperature.
  • Control Your Lighting Wirelessly: Creston’s wireless dimmers install easily and don’t require any rewiring or remodeling to automate and control your track lighting, LEDs, incandescent lighting, floor and table lamps, sconces, outdoor lighting, and even spotlights.
  • Combine Wireless and Wired Luxury Smart Home Lighting: One great thing about Crestron is the ability to adapt to meet the needs of your luxury home. You can combine both wireless solutions and centralizing wired lighting systems, depending on what your home is equipped with already.


Although it is one of the newer luxury smart home lighting companies in today’s market, Savant offers some very impressive lighting solutions for the luxury homeowner. Established in 2005, Savant focuses on providing easy to use, future-friendly products that work in luxury homes and yachts. Savant looks at lighting as an art form and focuses on your ability to set the atmosphere you desire through the touch of your finger.

The company boasts a large selection of innovative smart home technology from lighting to speakers to security, designed operate via your iOS device.

Savant offers two levels of luxury smart home lighting: Savant Lighting TrueImage, and Savant Pro Lighting.

Savant Lighting TrueImage

TrueImage is the least costly version of Savant’s luxury smart home lighting solutions and simply requires you to download the app to your iOS device and purchase Savant bulbs. All you have to do is hold your iOS device up to a Savant light and take a TrueImage picture using the app. Then you can adjust the color and brightness just by touching the photo.

Savant Pro Lighting

As the more advanced of Savant’s two luxury smart home lighting options, the company’s Pro Lighting features a variety of lighting fixtures to install in your home from pendants, to recessed lighting, to light strips.

Any of Savant’s Pro Lighting fixtures can be operated via the Savant Pro App or through several offered interfaces including the Savant Pro Remote, and the Savant Metro keypad, which features buttons customized through the app.

luxury bathroom with smart lighting chandelier

Imagine yourself taking a relaxing bath in our “Ocean-to-Lake Manalapan Estate”, setting your luxury smart home lighting to complement your mood and enhance the experience.

An Excellent Investment

Luxury smart home lighting is a smart and simple way to increase the value and aesthetics of your already-beautiful luxury home. Whether you are building from the ground up, or want to add luxury smart home lighting to an existing space, there are some amazing technologically-advanced options out there. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to enhance your enjoyment in your home.