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The Most Amazing Kitchen Islands You Have Ever Seen

There never seems to be enough workspace in the kitchen, which is where kitchen islands come into play. Adding an island not only utilizes the open space and adds a central hub for entertaining, but it also boosts your storage and workspace. You could add a kitchen island, or you could add a beautifully designed piece of art to complement the rest of your home: a luxury kitchen island.

Like anything else in the luxury design world, luxury kitchen islands can become the central piece of the room due to its sheer size, impeccable design, or seating practicality. Take a look at some of our most impressive luxury kitchen islands and see what sparks your luxury design fancy.

Wood and Marble Magnificence 

The natural cooling and heat-resistance properties of marble slab countertops make them an excellent choice for your luxury kitchen island. Warm honey-colored wooden cabinets complement the oversized marble-topped masterpiece, resulting in a contrast of cold and warm perfection that would look beautiful in almost any decor style. The additional seating makes this marvelous luxury kitchen island ideal for entertaining or a Sunday morning family breakfast.

traditional kitchen marble island with wood cabinets and exposed wooden beams

Our Traditional Manalapan Estate design project includes this impressive oversized marble-topped kitchen island with eye-catching honey-toned wooden cabinets to accent the exposed wooden beams in the kitchen.

Wonderful Waterfall

Waterfall luxury kitchen islands make a subtly-bold design statement in the kitchen by extending the countertop down along one or both ends of the island. In our “Modern Rustication” model home, we combine a gorgeous white marble with a rustic wood on the cabinets to create a waterfall island that catches the eye. The long slab of Marble is an excellent workspace and includes a centralized sink for easy counter cleanup. This luxury kitchen island also features seating for your family and friends to socialize.

kitchen marble waterfall island

A waterfall island is an aesthetically-pleasing addition to your kitchen with its unique design and expansive workspace.

Outstanding Open Shelving

Including open shelves on your luxury kitchen island allows you to showcase your cookbook collection, family pictures, collectibles, or even double as storage for kitchen items. This is a practical and stylish way to add a little extra flair to your kitchen island. Our “Casually Colonial” model home in Sarasota features inviting coastal-themed decor with a luxury kitchen island boasting a butcher block and stone combination. The open storage on the sides of the island shows off subtle accent pieces to compliment the overall design.

luxury kitchen with hammered metal pendant lamps with open shelves

Hammered metal pendant lamps hang over the inviting dual-material luxury kitchen island which includes ample open shelving on its sides.

Dynamic Duo

If having one luxury kitchen island accenting your kitchen space, why not have two? Avid cooks or frequent entertainers may want to consider the idea. In our “Luxury Transitional Living” design project, we doubled the workspace as well as the exceptional clean-lines of impeccable design. Both islands feature a sink, making the space ideal for preparing food on one island and washing up on the other.  The addition of a breakfast bar on one of the islands adds seating and ultimately magnifies its practicality.

mirrored stone kitchen countertop double island

Crisp, cool colors combine with the mirrored finish of the stone countertops to make this double-island kitchen a practical and inviting space.

Sensational Seating

Many times, while entertaining in your home, guests end up congregating in the kitchen. To take advantage of this fact, it’s an excellent idea to add seating to your luxury kitchen island. The kitchen in our “Ultra-Modern Oceanfront Estate” boasts a uniquely designed luxury kitchen island with ample seating space for guests. The wrap-around wooden counter appears to be an aesthetically pleasing add-on to the marble kitchen island, making it its own entity. Unlike typical breakfast bars, this luxury kitchen island maps out a specific location on which to rest your plate and where to prepare the meal.

luxury kitchen island with hanging pendant lights and additional seating

Additional seating at your luxury kitchen island enhances the space, especially if you are entertaining.

Remarkably Reflective

Make a shining statement by incorporating reflective surfaces into your luxury kitchen island design. In our Modern “New American Home” project, we included sparkling backsplash tiles along with a gorgeous geometric pattern on the stainless steel hood and the light fixture over the island. Both of these accents help space appear bigger by reflecting light and adding brightness. Adding reflective surfaces to your kitchen is a simple yet highly effective way to amplify the beauty of your home, making it nearly impossible not to want to gather there.

Turn your luxury design dreams into a reality

modern luxury kitchen with double island

Light reflects from the luxuriously shiny surfaces in this modern New American Kitchen design, giving the space more depth and added beauty.

Rustically Refined

A rustic kitchen design makes the room feel warm and welcoming with its weathered wood cabinets and wrought-iron light fixtures. The square, marble-topped luxury kitchen island found in our “Traditional Tuscan Charm” design ties nicely into the home’s beautiful worn-brick ceiling and stone façade surrounding the stove. With its weathered-looking cabinets and contrasting cool and modern-looking faucet, this rustic kitchen island brings the whole room together, bringing traditional old-world design together with modern accents, making this luxury kitchen island a wonderful design choice.

luxury rustic kitchen with square island and ornate chandelier

With so many surface textures coming together in this rustic luxury kitchen, there is no shortage of depth and dimension.

Multifaceted Materials

Make a bold statement by using several different materials to make up your luxury kitchen island. In our modern design portfolio, you find our “Marc Thee’s 6 Ocean” project with a fantastic luxury kitchen island. When gazing at the impeccably-designed kitchen from straight-on, you can see the layers of gorgeous materials that make up the luxury kitchen island. The jade-colored main workspace is layered beneath an asymmetrical wooden waterfall island design, giving the room more depth and color. The additional seating perfectly accents the colors found in the multi-layered island and ties the room together beautifully.

luxury kitchen island with pops of tiel

By incorporating more than one material into this gorgeous luxury kitchen island, we create a visually-appealing multiple-layered addition to the immaculate design.

Simple Style

Of course, there’s no need to overdo your luxury kitchen island’s design, especially if you are going for an understated overall design décor. In our “Tuscan Reinvented” model home design, we made the focal point of the kitchen subtle yet stylish.  This home’s kitchen island ties its Tuscan charm together by not boasting any flashy colors or unique design elements. Rather, it beautifully accents the white cabinets and subway tile backsplash by adding a dark gray pop of color and coordinating white countertop.

luxury kitchen with white cabinets, a gray island and exotic materials

Luxury design doesn’t have to include exotic materials and features. Simple and classic is always an excellent choice for the kitchen.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Luxury Kitchen Island Design

There are so many aesthetically-pleasing design ideas when it comes to incorporating a luxury kitchen island into your home, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind to make the addition not only beautiful but also practical to your lifestyle and your budget.

  1. Incorporated Appliances: Not all kitchen islands need to include appliances such as stovetops, microwaves, refrigerator drawers, and dishwashers. If you are adding a luxury kitchen island as a new addition to an already-existing kitchen, moving plumbing and electrical wiring could up the price significantly.
  2. Space: Luxury kitchen islands can be made to suit any kitchen size, but it is critical to think about how much space you’ll need to move around while cooking. Industry standards give a standard of 36 inches of walking space, but ultimately the decision is yours.
  3. Countertop Options: Depending on what exactly you’ll be using your luxury kitchen island for, you’ll want to weigh your countertop options since some are more durable than others. Granite is the top choice in terms of durability, but other options include wood, steel, marble, and more. Here at Marc Michaels, we can help you determine the perfect countertop material for your luxury kitchen island to make it not only useful but also beautiful.
  4. Height: Your custom-designed luxury kitchen island can be any height you deem necessary for your lifestyle. Some countertops are multiple heights, utilizing the typical 36” for the workspace, with another section spanning a height of 48 inches to make it a taller breakfast bar type feature, while some incorporate a lower table-height design to make a different type of design impact.

Always an Excellent Design Decision

Whether you own an expansive estate or a high rise in the city, there is always room for a luxury kitchen island. Including an island increases the beauty of your overall kitchen space and also:

  • Adds Seating for Entertaining
  • Gives You More Workspace
  • Ties Design Features Together in the Room’s Center
  • Allows for Additional Storage

Your luxury kitchen island can include any number of design features and will accent the central entertaining space of your modern home. No matter what you’ll be using your island for, we’ll cater to your design appeal and make the perfect luxury kitchen island to match your lifestyle.