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How to Design and Decorate Your Luxury Pool House

How to Design and Decorate Your Luxury Pool House

Having your very own luxury pool house allows you to entertain guests in your pool area without having them traipse through your home in wet bathing suits. Whether you use your luxury pool house as a guest house, a place to store pool accessories, or as a gathering place for friends and family, it’s just as essential to consider its décor as it is your main house. It goes without saying that its design should flow seamlessly from the main building. Still, there are other characteristics to consider when designing your luxury pool house to make it a magnificent extension of your home.

Build It For Parties

If you like to entertain, your luxury pool house must be designed to host parties big and small. It’s a good idea to provide plenty of room for guests to soak up the sun, as well as bask in the protective shade comfortably. Adding an outdoor bar area, and perhaps and indoor or outdoor kitchen is something you may want to consider, to avoid having to go in and out of your main house to get food and drinks.

Of course, you can’t forget plenty of technology for music and video entertainment, as well as gorgeous lighting features for when your festivities spill over into the evening hours.

Mid-century modern pool in front of a house.

Marc-Michaels’ Mid-Century Modern Compound features plenty of outdoor space for sun-worshippers, as well as an abundance of shaded seating for guests to relax and enjoy.


Opt for a Cabana

Whether it is in addition to a full-fledge luxury pool house or it’s just an addition to your outdoor pool space, providing a cabana is never a bad idea. Not only does a cabana offer a shady place to relax, but it also adds a tropical-island-getaway-vibe to your space.

Cabanas range from a simple canvas, beachy-type design to a thatched-roof Bora-Bora-esque feel. No matter what design you go for in your cabana, make sure you make it feel like a relaxing getaway destination, even if it’s in your own backyard.

Traditionally designed pool in front of a small cabana with palm trees around it.

A beachy nature-infused cabana provides shade and comfortable relaxation next to the beautiful blue waters of the pool in our Palm Beach Traditional design project.


Make It Open and Airy

Bring the outside in and the inside out with your luxury pool house design. Open the doors out onto the covered living or dining area and let the beautiful breeze flow through your luxury pool house. Add sheer curtains to floor to ceiling windows and open-concept lighting to the outdoor spaces to give it a dreamy, indoor/outdoor hybrid feel.

Turn your luxury design dreams into a reality

Wooden table on an open, lakefront terrace with a pool off to the side.

Our Elegant Lakefront Palm Beach Contemporary design features a gorgeous open and airy terrace that seamlessly connects the pool area to the indoors.


Simulate a Vacation Experience

Whether you live in an area rich in palm trees and sunshine or not, it’s always a great idea to make your luxury pool house radiate vacation vibes. Provide ample pool seating so guests can soak up the sun, go for a dip, or do both! White-washed floors, thatched roofs, Caribbean-scented candles, and a hidden sound system subtly playing beachy music are great adds as well.

Lounge chairs partially immersed in a pool with an ocean view.

Inviting semi-immersed lounge chairs beckon guests to come relax and enjoy the tropical view in our Vero Beach Island Ease design project.


Bring the Living Room Outside

Even if you don’t have a full-fledged luxury pool house, you could always create a second living room outside. Or if you are a little short on space, you could place the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen inside and leave the living room outside. Chances are if you or your guests are staying in your luxury pool house, the weather is gorgeous, so hanging out outside is a great option.

Modern Georgian-Style lakefront outdoor area with a couch and a couple of chairs, in front of a pool.

A comfortable outdoor living room looks out over the inviting pool and gives guests a glimpse of the city skyline in our Modern Georgian-Style Lakefront Palm Beach Estate project.


Having a Luxury Pool House is A Win-Win

However you choose to design and decorate your luxury pool house, having one is always a great idea. Not only will you give guests a chance to feel like they are on vacation in your home, but you, too, can enjoy your very own staycation without stepping foot outside your house. When in doubt, just consider what you would want the vibe to be when you are on vacation, and you can’t go wrong.