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Luxury Kitchens Designed for Entertaining

Luxury Kitchens Designed for Entertaining

A gorgeous luxury kitchen designed to entertain several guests has become a predominant feature in today’s luxury homes. Whether you like to get your guests involved in the cooking or gather in the kitchen to enjoy hor’s d’ oeuvres and a glass of wine before the main course, designing your luxury kitchen to entertain requires it to have a fantastic flow and incredible visual appeal. Even if you lack an abundance of kitchen space, you can still make your kitchen the luxuriously welcoming hotspot of your social gatherings.

We’ve put together a sampling of beautiful luxury kitchens that showcase some of our favorite entertaining features to help inspire you to create the luxurious entertaining-friendly kitchen of your dreams.

Create an Easy Flow

Most of today’s luxury homes feature open floorplan layouts, so it’s actually fairly simple to ensure a smooth flow for entertaining in your luxury kitchen. Since a large part of entertaining revolves around the kitchen, you want to make sure your guests can easily flow from the front door to the kitchen, to a seating or dining area. This will help your guests feel comfortable and connected with you, fellow partygoers, and the space itself by enabling them to spill out of the kitchen into other welcoming areas of the house.

A luxurious kitchen with an open format and an island.

The kitchen in our Contemporary Lakefront in Palm Beach perfectly exhibits a gorgeous flow from the receiving area into the kitchen and even invites guests outside to take in the spectacular view.

Make a Bold Statement with Lighting

Easily transform your luxury kitchen space from a functional room into a space designed for fun and entertaining by opting for bold light fixtures above the island or elsewhere in the room. While simple pendant lamps and recessed lighting get the job done in terms of lighting the space, choosing statement light fixtures adds more character and gives the room, and your guests, a sense of your own unique style.

Brightly lit country-style kitchen with light fixtures above an island.

Our Ocean-to-State Manalapan Estate boasts a charming country-style kitchen with bold, eye-catching light fixtures above the island.

Go with a Multifunctional Island

If you want to have a kitchen ideal for entertaining, your island must serve multiple purposes. Of course, it’s a food-prep location, but it also needs to functionally serve as a central gathering location for guests to mingle, have a drink, or even grab their food casually – buffet style. Make sure you include seating options at your island as well, so your guests don’t have to stand the whole time if they don’t want to. If you’re going to take it one step further, you could add an island extension that turns one side of your luxury kitchen island into a dining table.

Turn your luxury design dreams into a reality

Luxurious kitchen with lighting fixtures above a lengthy island with a dining table extension.

The luxury kitchen in our Mid-Century Modern Waterfront project features a lengthy island and dining table extension, making it the picture of a multifunctional island.

Opt for High-End Appliances

Even if you can’t go the whole nine yards and invest in all luxury appliances, including at least one or two in your luxury kitchen design is a great way to make a design statement and create a beautifully functional entertainment space. While induction cooktops and Viking double ovens aren’t necessary for entertaining, they easily transform a typical kitchen into a high-end luxury entertainment area perfect for all your party needs.

Luxurious island kitchen with double ovens.

The Wolf gas range with double ovens, six burners, and a double griddle add a tremendous amount of entertainment value and style to the kitchen of our Traditional Manalapan Estate.

Pay Attention to the Details

No matter the size of your space, transforming your luxury kitchen into an inviting space can be done by fine-tuning the details of your kitchen’s design. If you have a smaller space, opt for sleek lines and soothing colors, while a larger luxury kitchen can accommodate bolder textures and designs. Add a pop of color here or there, or choose a conversation piece to place on your island to spark guest interactions. The more effort you put into the details of your space, the more welcoming it will feel to your guests.

Modern luxury kitchen with a multifunctional island and seating.

Our Modern High-Rise Condo is the perfect example of a smaller luxury kitchen space great for entertaining with its seating options at multifunctional attached island and it’s subtle colors and design features.

Show Off What You’ve Got

Every luxury home has something about it that’ll make your guests’ jaws drop. Whether it’s a breathtaking ocean or mountain view, an impressive art collection, or a custom-built feature unlike nothing else out there, you’ve got to flaunt it. If you want a luxury kitchen designed for entertaining, then give your guests what they want: an entertaining experience they can’t get in any other luxury kitchen around.

Modern kitchen with a large windowed view.

The view from our Ultra-Modern Oceanfront Estate is enough to attract guests to mingle and enjoy. They can dine al fresco, or simply take in the exceptional view from the luxury kitchen.

Time to Party

Making sure your luxury kitchen is designed for entertaining simply comes down to what you want your guests to experience when they attend a social event in your home. Consider what you want to experience when you go to a party and start from there. In the end, as long as you have a beautifully functional and gorgeously designed space, with room to socialize or sit and chat, then you’ve got a luxury kitchen designed to entertain. Now the party, that’s up to you, so get planning!