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The Importance of Accessorizing in Luxury Interior Design

The Importance of Accessorizing in Luxury Interior Design

The success of any design project lies in the details. Just like when you throw on your favorite jewelry, cufflinks of shoes when getting dressed up, adding luxury interior design accents to your home, completes the look. With that said, accessorizing your luxury home is, in some ways, an art form. You don’t want to add interior design accents just for the sake of adding decorative elements to each room. Successfully accessorizing takes careful planning and precise planning to bring out your personality and design style. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the accessories. The finishing touches are what will take your home from lovely to lavishly extraordinary.

Bring Nature Indoors

Adding natural luxury interior design accents to your home’s interior is a great way to add color, texture, and a sense of natural beauty.

You can opt for either real or fake house plants and flowers to give your home a little touch of the outdoors. An indoor plant on a bookshelf or windowsill or a small tree in the corner of a room adds dimension, color, and style quickly and works easily with any decorating style. There are incredibly realistic plants out there, so if you aren’t a natural botanist, you can still bring the look of nature into your home.

Consider incorporating running water design accents to create a sense of tranquility in any space. Small fountains can be placed almost anywhere, including on tabletops, floors, or even walls.

Little natural elements such as artificial boxwood balls or pinecones placed strategically in a decorative bowl is a simple way to add a touch of nature to any room and can easily be changed out with the seasons.

A Traditional Tuscan design sitting room with natural interior design accessories.

The sitting room of our Traditional Tuscan Charm project features several natural interior design accents to complement the overall rustic feel of the home.


A Pop of Color Goes a Long Way

A splash of color in any room is practically a necessity when considering luxury interior design accents. When determining which color you’re thinking of including in your decor, consider how that color will impact the room’s mood. Bright colors give the room a more cheerful, upbeat feel, while darker colors create a sense of warm sophistication since they have more “visual weight” in terms of design.

Adding a little bit of color here and there breaks up the monotony of neutrals and beautifully accents more complex interior designs. If you have a neutral color scheme, choose a color you love and pick some luxury interior design accents of that color that give a little insight into your design preferences, ensuring your space isn’t dull or drab.

Modern Georgian designed kitchen with vibrant green apples accenting the features..

Walking into the kitchen of our Modern Georgian Inspired model home, your eye is immediately drawn to the vibrant green apples strategically placed on the countertop.


Make it Personal

Adding personal touches to your decor will help your living space feel more like a home than a furniture showroom. But if plastering your walls with pictures of your family and friends isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to add a little bit of yourself to every room in your home.

Souvenirs are an excellent example of personalized luxury interior design accents. You can place a custom painting, sculpture, pillow, or coffee table book in a room, nodding to places you’ve traveled. These quickly become conversation starters and can help remind you and loved ones of memories made while traveling.

A luxury Mid Century home with eye-catching paintings and vases as accessories.

Consider adding personalized touches, such as paintings or art pieces you fell in love with while traveling. Our Mid Century Warmth design project features eye-catching paintings and decorative vases that are sure to spark conversation with guests.


Turn your luxury design dreams into a reality

Lavish Lighting

The lighting you choose for your home can add a lot of personality to any room of your home, so don’t overlook this critical interior design accent. Statement light fixtures include chandeliers and wall sconces, floor and table lamps, and provide great opportunity to add functional pizzazz to your living space.

Most designers will agree that you can’t rely on only one source of lighting in any room. It’s best to layer lighting to allow you to change the brightness, depending on the time of day and the task at hand, but also so you can create the given ambiance you’re looking for.

Consider a beautiful, eye-catching decorative light fixture in the middle of the room and then work toward the outer walls by including luxury interior design accents such as downlighting on the walls, curtains, and artwork plug-in floor or table lamps to cast light on the ceiling. This makes not only the light fixtures themselves decorative accessories but also enables the light refracting throughout the room from various light-sources, an often overlooked-accessory itself.

A luxurious bathroom in Palm Beach with a chandelier, mirror sconces, and beautiful lighting acting as accessories.

This luxurious bathroom from our Elegant Lakefront in Palm Beach contemporary design project features expertly placed layered lighting, including a beautifully unique chandelier, recessed lighting, and contemporary mirror sconces.


Texturize Your Interior

When choosing interior design accents for your home, it is imperative to include different textures to bring depth and substance to a room. Texture doesn’t necessarily always refer to how something physically feels. It also refers to how something is perceived to feel. Various textures in a room give the space more visual weight, which helps draw the eye’s attention.

Texture is particularly important when you are dealing with a monochromatic color scheme. You wouldn’t want to choose smooth cotton pillows to throw on a smooth cotton couch of the same color. Instead, you want to choose textures that greatly contrast in color and texture, to create a more visually appealing balance in design.

A luxurious ranch with many different textured accessories, such as chairs, paintings, and a chandelier.

This newly completed ranch from our Pine Creek Sporting Club design project boasts an incredible number of textures to bring depth and character to the monochromatic color scheme.


Don’t Neglect Your Walls

Choosing a paint color or design material to put on your walls is a necessary part of interior design, but don’t overlook their accessorizing capabilities. Obviously, you can hang paintings and photographs to add some personality, but why stop there?

Look outside the box when decorating the walls of your home. Consider hanging thematic art pieces and wall sculptures to match the surrounding decor. Or, if you are decorating a smaller room, brighten it up with a floor-to-ceiling mirror, which will create the illusion of added space.

A Modern bathroom with luxurious wall mirror accessories.

The bathroom of our Modern Intracoastal Estate appears to go on forever, thanks to the mirror at the very back of the adjoining master closet.



Turning your luxury home into a beautiful, welcoming, and personalized space is easy when you incorporate just the right mixture of luxury interior design accents. Whether you prefer the more traditional look of candles and paintings or love the idea of a modern, edgy light fixture suspended from the ceiling, there are endless opportunities to fuse your style preferences with your interior design that go far beyond paint colors and throw pillows. Whatever you decide upon, make it you, and make it fabulous.